Quality FoodOur commitment to Quality is real

As a customer who visits Baba Dari Mediterranean Grill, you can count on many things: a friendly staff; a casual atmosphere; and a variety of delicious menu choices. Our customer’s rely on our high standards and expect only the best from our ingredients.

Quality is our Recipe

At Baba Dari’s the health and safety of our guests is always our top priority. In addition, we pride ourselves on serving Guests delicious, quality and fresh food – every day in our restaurant. We maintain a Superior Code of Conduct, which outlines the minimal expectations of our suppliers to help us ensure safe and quality food for our Guests.

Fresh homemade food the reason we started over 25 years ago and our values haven’t changed.  It is fundamental to Baba Dari’s thinking that our menus are perfectly suited to our clients. We have an absolute commitment to preparing our food using only the freshest ingredients, from trusted suppliers ensuring that we have access to the best produce. Therefore when we say it is homemade, we really mean it!